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A 5E supplement to bring your character concept to life. Brand new summoning class, spells, feats, gear, convergent magic, and more...

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OGL Disaster and Creed's Codex Updates
18 days ago – Wed, Jan 11, 2023 at 01:54:41 PM

Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year! It was been a whirlwind of a new year with bombshell announcements, updates in progress, and a deluge of rain!

🩳TLDR: WOTC is destroying DnD with their license updates, Creed's Codex PDF is updated and the physical books will be available soon with the update, add-ons and the rest of the rewards are in progress and will be coming out over the next few months.

🔥OGL Dumpster Fire

If you haven't heard yet, a leak of the updated OGL (Open Gaming License) from Wizards of the Coast came out last week.  

Short version: it's a shitstorm where 3rd party content creators, like Knight Vision Creative, will stop making content for the roleplaying game we all love if it comes to pass.

Longer version (8 minute read) from a games IP attorney reviewing the changes and how this screws us all over.

What can we do? We need to tell Wizards of the Coast, and their parent Hasbro, how terrible these decisions are for the community. They are playing the victim here, but this license was by design and has been more successful than they could possibly imagine.  By making the core mechanics/ruleset free, they reduced the cost to zero for developing on their design to drive support to their platform and encourage the growth of their ruleset and their book sales while eliminating competitors. Now that they have this success, rather than hiring more content creators, artists, designers, etc. and putting out awesome products for this community they've fostered, they've decided instead to tax the community that supports their platform. I'm floundering as well, but here's what I suggest we do:

  • Boycott Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro products
  • Sign the open letter in protest: (there's additional information here of interest as well)
  • Recommend other TTRPG systems you enjoy and are worth looking into (keep in mind, Pathfinder, and any other game using the SRD/OGL in any fashion is in jeopardy, not to mention all VTTs, such as Foundry, that don't have an agreement with WOTC)
  • Tell Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro that you do not support these changes through social media and whatever other methods you have at your disposal. #OpenDnD seems to be the main rallying cry. I am a level 1 wizard when it comes to social media, so if you have a better idea on how to use these tools let me know!

Next steps

Until the official OGL is released, we won't know exactly what we can do, but the damage may already be done. Wizards may have already cut open their golden goose. They've shown what they want, and that inhospitable, treacherous environment is extremely risky to continue building content in. They also burned all goodwill with their creator community, influencers, and players who care about the game, people, and livelihoods at stake.

Knight Vision Creative will continue to produce the rewards, add-ons, and content that was part of this Kickstarter as long as we are legally allowed to. Once that is complete, I'm not sure what the next steps will be. I have never taken on such an ambitious project or enjoyed interacting with a community as much as I have with you all! The passion, kindness, and bombass ideas just keep coming! I want to fight to keep the dream alive and continue making content with you all. We may need to pivot to something else, and our survival will depend on our community pivoting with us. 

As we get more clarity, we'll provide another update. We'd love to hear what you all are thinking!

🔄Creed's Codex Updates

I've put together an errata of the changes here: DriveThruRPG already sent out a notification that the file has been updated. I didn't understand their process, and evidently, they take down the previous version when you publish an update. I don't know that this is necessarily bad as it ensures anyone planning to pick up a copy now will get the latest version when it's available, but you won't be able to get physical copies until the update is approved. The reward links should still work once the updates are approved. I'll send out another update when they are back online. The digital version should be available immediately with the updates.

 Additional Updates

We have a bunch of projects in the works, though we've had to change direction rapidly in light of the OGL changes to ensure we can get the products out before the license update limits our ability to create content. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me in Discord and join the discussion!

⚔️15+ NPC/Villain Summon Stat-blocks

This add-on should be floating out to everyone's email in the next few weeks to those who picked it up. We'll make it available if you didn't back it and are interested in buying a copy. I went a little crazy on this one and ended up putting together 27 stat-blocks, lore for each creature, tactical descriptions, 40+ plot hooks, 15+ detailed skill and roleplaying encounters, 60+ combat encounter suggestions with loot, and more!

Summoner NPCs, Villains, & Their Summons

15 Magic Items

We've received 50% of the artwork for the magic items, and have about 75% of the content written. I'm starting on the layout this week and will be shooting for wrapping this up by the end of February.

Magic Staff

🧊Prison Break One Shot & Coldforge Gauntlet One Shot

Finalizing the adventure is underway with the combat portions having completed playtesting. 

😀Digital Tokens 

The tokens are 80% complete. We pivoted away from these mid-process because we can continue to make them even if the OGL releases as is. 

🖼️Digital Wallpapers

Wallpapers are 70% complete as well. We also pivoted from these as they will be able to be completed after the OGL changes.

🎨Digital Art Pack

The digital art pack is 30% complete. We also pivoted from this due to the OGL change.

If you run into any issues with anything or have questions, feel free to reach out on Discord.

Hardcover Print On Demand Codes
about 1 month ago – Sat, Dec 17, 2022 at 05:27:31 PM

📘 Hardcover's Have Been Approved

I received the updated proof this week and was able to comb through it for printing artifacts. All the previous ones were fixed and no more reared their head! Print on Demand codes will be heading out to those who backed a tier that included a hardcover copy over the next few hours. If you want to pick one up, or send one to a friend, you can order one here. It is currently in process to become public for purchases, so it may take a couple of days. If you haven't received your code by the 22nd, please contact me in Discord or at Drive Thru RPG's shipping times have been very slow, but their customer service has been top notch. If you have any issues reach out to them!

🔄 Manuscript Update in Q1

There have been a handful of clarity updates suggested, mechanic improvements identified, and fun ideas proposed I'd love to add. I plan on making an updated version in Q1 with any additional modifications that have been pointed out internally/externally within that time. If you'd like to wait to get the hardcover until then feel free, but I do not want to delay anyone. You'll get a notification when the pdf has been updated, and you will always be able to grab any errata in that version. If you see anything you'd like included in the list, let us know in Discord!


If you're enjoying Creed's Codex we'd love a review. Tell us what you liked and want to see more of in our next project!

🪜 Next Steps

  • Complete the remaining rewards (digital art pack, tokens, etc.)
  • Complete the add-ons (one shots, magic items, npc/villains, etc.)

We're looking to wrap up all the outstanding rewards in Q1 2023. 

As we begin to close out Creed's Codex, we're starting to think about the next campaign we'll be running, and more importantly, where we can improve. I have two changes in particular I'd like to experiment with. 

1. Improve the flow/structure of the page and rewards.

2. Run the campaign for the maximum allowed time, 60 days. This gives us more time to get feedback from the community to build the awesome content you all are looking for. If we are building in parallel with the campaign running, this shouldn't delay the fulfillment, but it will allow us time to get more user feedback implemented as well as design more user-inspired stretch goals.  The stretch goals in particular were challenging to develop as we had limited time to get your recommendations while live, especially from those who found us towards the tail-end of the campaign. With that in mind, we've put together a quick survey to hear what you're interested in to get a head start planning for the next one!

Nate also started building out some sweet concept art.

Psionic Concept Art

🎨 Card Game with Great Art 

I just backed my friend Ridge's Alpha Clash card game. The art looks great, and I'm pretty stoked to get my hands on the cards. The Kickstarter has a few more weeks to run, so they may unlock some excellent additional stretch goals. They already crossed the $300k threshold!

Alpha Class Cards!

🔒 Accounts Errored or Not Locked

There are still 55 of you who have an error with your account, or you have not locked your account. If that's you, please go finalize your account so we can send you your rewards:

Thanks everyone for the incredible experience building content with you all this year! I love the passion, ingenuity, and comradery you have shown. I'm looking forward to creating more great content for/with you all next year!

Happy Holidays!


Hardcover Update
2 months ago – Mon, Nov 28, 2022 at 04:14:19 PM

Hey Everyone!

My son and I came down with not one, but two gnarly viruses. My daughter escaped with only a single virus, and my wife evidently has the divine health of a paladin, avoiding it all. We've all mostly recovered at this point, but I'm a bit behind sending you all an update!


I received the first hardcover copy mid November. I reviewed the proof copy thoroughly. Unfortunately, this had a handful of printer artifacts I wasn't happy with. I reviewed the issues with the printer to troubleshoot the problem. Our files looked good, so no updates required on our side. They believe they resolved the issue and have issued a second proof. That second proof is in the mail, and I should get it this week. I will perform another quality check once it arrives and fingers crossed no more issues! If everything has been resolved, the hardcover codes should start going out shortly thereafter.

Example Print Artifacts


If you had a chance to download your PDF, we'd love to hear what you think! Drop a review to let us and others know what you'd like to see more of. You all know how hard we've worked on this, but those who missed the campaign don't know the level of effort, the play-testing, the balancing, and the love and community involvement that went into the product. Let them know!

Failed Summoning Formula

There are 57 of you that need to complete your surveys! Please complete them as soon as possible so we can send you your rewards:

9 of you had a failed credit card! We've sent you a note to make an update.


Currently we're working on the NPC & Villain Add-Ons. We've had a lot of great feedback so far as we review these in Discord. Drop in to let us know what you'd like to see or have your voices heard on the current work! Once these are wrapped up, we'll move on to the Magic Items!

Archon NPC Work In Progress

VTT Roll Out

There were a few questions in the survey about whether this will be ported to VTTs. We have plans currently to bring it to Roll20, Foundry, Shard, and SceneGrinder. Currently looking at a 2023 Q2 launch on these platforms.


We also had a few questions about Wizards of the Coast One DND announcement. We're following the information closely, but until anything is concrete, we will not be making any changes. We're in full support of improving the systems and maintaining backwards compatibility. This is the best of both worlds in many ways allowing for the continual usage of products already purchased plus providing methods for improving the experience moving forward. The exhaustion mechanic change in particular may be a solid boost to the Summoner!


As we roll out the Add-Ons and details on our upcoming projects, we've been running them by the Discord crew. We'd love to hear your opinions, pull you into playtesting sessions, and build better content with your feedback. Pop in and say hi:

As we charge towards the end of the year, we'll be sending out at least one more update to keep everyone abreast of our status before we march into 2023. Thank you to everyone who has sent over feedback. We are super excited about the momentum we've built and are really looking forward to launching future products with you all!

Happy Holidays,


PDF links are being distributed as we speak!
3 months ago – Fri, Nov 04, 2022 at 02:24:28 AM

PDFs distributing now!

Check your emails, you should be getting a link to the PDF. The automated title should be: "Free Digital Download from Knight Vision Creative at". Sometimes "free" triggers the spam tools on an email client, so double-check your spam. If you haven't gotten an email by 11/5, send me an email ( with the email you used for the Kickstarter, and I will look into it.

  • The email addresses are currently processing, so if you don't have it yet, check tomorrow
  • 72 of you still need to complete your rewards survey! Rewards can't be sent to you until you do: 
  • 52 of you had a credit card error. There should have been an email automatically sent to you.  Follow the instructions in the email.

Timeline Update

PDFs are a month ahead of schedule! The original timeline we were hoping to release in December, but I didn't want to keep you all waiting!

  • Printer has just approved the files
  • First copy is being printed and shipped to me. I should have it within 14 working days.
  • I'll review and if everything looks good, we're ready to ship. If there are errors from the printing process, we'll need to get those fixed and repeat the cycle
  • Once fulfillment of the digital and hardcover versions is wrapped up, we'll focus on the additional add-ons
  • Next on the list is converting to VTT material (Shard, Roll20, Foundry, and SceneGrinder)

There have already been some discussions about our next project, the psionic, happening in discord. If you want to have your voice heard drop in and let us know what you want and don't want to see!

Another cool project

Super Dungeon Maker looks like a fun mix between platformer and dungeon builder. I think my kids will love this when they are older! If you wanted to build a DnD campaign in here that could be a cool pixelated adventure too!

One DnD

There were a few questions in the last survey about adapting to One DnD. We'll definitely be keeping our eyes on it as it evolves. Since it's backward compatible, we shouldn't have to make any changes, but we'd definitely like to see what they develop and add in the best parts as well! The change to exhaustion, if it sticks, will play very nicely with one of the summoner features already in the book!

We can't wait to hear what you think! Hit us up in discord!

We Need Your Name for Inclusion in the Credits by 10/10/2022!
4 months ago – Mon, Oct 03, 2022 at 07:13:50 PM

Hey Everyone!


We're working on the final formatting and need to get everyone's name who wants to be included in the credits.

We had a ton of amazing feedback, ideas, and questions thrown our way during the campaign, surveys, and through social media. Many of you have provided your preference, but we don't have the details for some of you! This is especially true of those of you who gave us awesome responses in the surveys but didn't leave an email address. We want to give you credit too!

If you'd like to be included, please let us know by filling out the survey. We have character names, player names, and social media handles currently. Let us know your preference! Please submit your entry by no later than Monday, 10/10/2022. 

Credit Survey Link

Streaming Creed's Codex

On Thursday's we've been streaming a campaign using the Creed's Codex materials with our friends over at CtrlAltCrit. We're live on Thursday the 6th at 6pm pacific time if you want to come check out the chaos. The players decided to make a 4 person summoner party! We'll see if they have the gumption to test out the combined summons rules! We'd love for you to stop by and enjoy the mayhem, ask any questions, and see them fighting off the onslaught that is days away.


There's an awesome looking 2d side scroller rpg live right now on Kickstarter, Mandragora, that I backed and have been encouraging the developers to make a summoner character.  If a few more people push, maybe we could get one!

Seriously though Mandragora looks awesome. They drew their inspiration from Castlevania, Dark Souls, Witcher 3, and Ori and the Will of the Wisps to build a rich storytelling, RPG character development, epic action and exploration. If they added couch coop it would literally check all the boxes. Maybe we can push there too...

Talk to you soon,